Class 1

Welcome to Class 1’s page!

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about different celebrations … Christmas, our birthdays and New Year. Early in January, armed with our passports, we boarded a flight to a mystery country to learn more about a special celebration. On arrival we explored our surroundings and tried to discover which country we were in. After a lot of thinking and sharing of ideas, we all agreed we were in China – on the other side of the world! 

We read some books to learn about how new year is celebrated in China and learnt that their years are named after animals instead of numbers. This year is going to be the ear of the Tiger. We thought it would be fun to celebrate Chinese New Year at school and wrote letters to Mrs Wyeth asking if this was possible. She said yes! On Chinese New Year’s Eve, we prepared by cleaning the classroom, making red lanterns to decorate the classroom and making red enveloped with Chinese writing on them. Mrs Parry said we might be lucky and find a special coin inside on New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day, we came to school dressed in red clothes to bring good luck and celebrated by doing a special dragon dance under an enormous dragon. 


Autumn Term

We have had a busy few weeks in Class 1. It all started when a mysterious yellow bag appeared in our classroom. We found lots of things inside which belonged to a story. After lots of thinking and discussing we agreed they were all things from The Little Red Hen story. We listened to different versions of the story and then used the puppets to retell the story with our friends.

Then, a letter arrived from the Little Red Hen asking us if we would help her to make some bread. We wanted to help her but first we needed to find out how to make bread. We needed to use our tortoise learning power. We found out we needed flour, water, yeast, salt and oil. We helped Mrs Parry write a shopping list so she remembered what ingredients she needed to buy. We also wrote letters to the Little Red Hen to tell her we could help.

On baking day, we had to use our elephant learning power to work together as a team to make the bread. Luckily we made enough dough to send some to the Little Red Hen and each have our own roll. It was delicious! We have posted some rolls to the Little Red Hen – Mrs Barker kindly put one of her special stamps on the envelope and gave it to the postman. We really hope she enjoys it!

We have been exploring our outdoor area enjoying all activities available such as the sandpit, mud kitchen, woods, tangle web, water tray and climbing rocks . We have been learning to follow our school rules with learning inside the classroom and within our outdoor area. These rules are: be ready, be safe and be respectful.


One day a mysterious bag appeared in our classroom. We looked carefully at all the different things and after a lot of thinking and talking we decided that all the things were from the story of the Little Red Hen. We decided to learn the story and used the puppets in the puppet theatre and a story map we created to tell the story to our friends. One day we received a letter from the Little Red Hen asking for our help to make some bread. At first we weren’t sure how to make bread so we found out and then wrote back to the Little Red Hen to tell her we would like to help. We worked together to bake bread to send to the Little Red Hen and even made enough for us each to have our own roll.

To mark what would have been his 101st birthday, the whole school took part in a Captain Tom 100 Challenge today. In Class 1 we watched a short video showing Captain Tom completing the 100 laps of his garden and then started thinking about our own challenge.

A blue whale is 100 feet long … I wonder if it would fit in the classroom?

We measured and discovered that teddy was less than 2 feet long and one of the children was four feet long. Then we carefully measured the classroom and found it was 26 feet long. No where near big enough for a blue whale!

Then we started wondering whether a blue whale would fit on the playground? Full of excitement, we set off to find out. We stood in a line where the whale’s head would be, looking out to sea.

Slowly and carefully we started counting our steps across the playground to reach the whale’s tail but only got to 69 before we reached the grass. We kept on going and finally reached 100. Mrs Mason stood at the head of the whale and the children stood at its tail. It was such a long way from them to Mrs Mason … if you look closely you can see her in the distance!

The children then counted how many steps from the playground to the classroom and we reached 100 just before we got to our green gate.



This half term we have been learning how to be Heart Smart. We began by listening to a story about Boris the Robot who learns that he is special and loved by others even though the Scrapman keeps telling him he is rubbish.  When Boris is feeling sad, he goes into his shed and looks at his hammer. His hammer says ‘I am special’ on it and this reminds Boris that he is special. We have done lots of thinking and talking about what makes each one of us special and unique. We worked together using our ‘elephant’ learning power to create our own Boris the Robot who now lives in our outdoor area. We have also enjoyed creating our own Boris models from different construction materials.





Our concept for this half term is ‘specialness’ and as part of this we are exploring special people, special things and special places. To support our learning, we have travelled to the polar lands and begun learning about the ‘specialness’ of these harsh environments. The children are enjoying camping in the igloo, fishing, building fires and riding on the sledge pulled by huskies. We have also been solving polar bear problems in maths.


Mrs Wyeth replied to our email with a ‘yes’ so we got busy preparing for our Chinese New Year celebrations. We made red envelopes and red lanterns decorated with Chinese writing. We wrote kind messages to each other and attached these to the lanterns. Mrs Bond very kindly came in and worked with us to make dumplings. Finally we cleaned and tidied the classroom to get rid of the bad luck and welcome in the good luck.

In the afternoon, we began our celebrations by eating our special food and listening to music from China. Then we performed our dragon dance in the playground. The dragon was so big that all of Class 1 and all of Class 2 could fit underneath it! When we returned to the classroom we had our lantern giving ceremony and finally Mrs Parry gave each of us our red envelope which now had a shiny gold coin inside!


We began this half term with a flight to a mystery country. When we arrived, we explored the artefacts to help us decide which country we had travelled to. After lots of discussion we agreed that we were in China. As part of our learning, we have been researching how New Year is celebrated in China. Next week we are hoping to have our own Chinese New Year celebrations … we’re just waiting for Mrs Wyeth to reply to our email and say ‘yes’!


This term we have been learning all about Boris and how to be Heart Smart. We have talked about how we are all special and how other people are special too. Boris’ heart filled with love when he realised Amber and Josh loved him.We have thought about who we love and who loves us. Also we shared what things fill our hearts with love. Best of all, we worked together to build our own Boris robot. He now lives in the classroom with us.