Class 1

Welcome to Class 1’s page.

Our concept for this half term is ‘specialness’ and as part of this we are exploring special people, special things and special places. To support our learning, we have travelled to the polar lands and begun learning about the ‘specialness’ of these harsh environments. The children are enjoying camping in the igloo, fishing, building fires and riding on the sledge pulled by huskies. We have also been solving polar bear problems in maths.


Mrs Wyeth replied to our email with a ‘yes’ so we got busy preparing for our Chinese New Year celebrations. We made red envelopes and red lanterns decorated with Chinese writing. We wrote kind messages to each other and attached these to the lanterns. Mrs Bond very kindly came in and worked with us to make dumplings. Finally we cleaned and tidied the classroom to get rid of the bad luck and welcome in the good luck.

In the afternoon, we began our celebrations by eating our special food and listening to music from China. Then we performed our dragon dance in the playground. The dragon was so big that all of Class 1 and all of Class 2 could fit underneath it! When we returned to the classroom we had our lantern giving ceremony and finally Mrs Parry gave each of us our red envelope which now had a shiny gold coin inside!


We began this half term with a flight to a mystery country. When we arrived, we explored the artefacts to help us decide which country we had travelled to. After lots of discussion we agreed that we were in China. As part of our learning, we have been researching how New Year is celebrated in China. Next week we are hoping to have our own Chinese New Year celebrations … we’re just waiting for Mrs Wyeth to reply to our email and say ‘yes’!


This term we have been learning all about Boris and how to be Heart Smart. We have talked about how we are all special and how other people are special too. Boris’ heart filled with love when he realised Amber and Josh loved him.We have thought about who we love and who loves us. Also we shared what things fill our hearts with love. Best of all, we worked together to build our own Boris robot. He now lives in the classroom with us.