Class 10

In class 10 this term, we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. In this investigation, we had to see who could get their chocolate button out of an ice cube the quickest! The second part of the investigation required us to find out who could keep their chocolate button inside the ice cube for the longest! We came up with our own ideas and then performed them. As you can see, some of us were more successful than others! We explained why we were successful or why we were not successful and discussed what we would do better next time. Finally, we ate the chocolate buttons!!! 





choc 2

choc 1


As part of our maths learning, we went outside to measure and draw a Roman bath big enough for our whole group! We needed to make sure we had enough room to relax and socialise.





Welcome to a new year and a new class in Year 4! We launched our topic about The Romans by going for an archaeological dig in the school grounds. Some of us were lucky enough to find a Roman coin! We used a trowel to remove the heavy mud and then a paintbrush to clear away any further dirt without damaging the coins.