Class 10

Welcome to our Class 10 Page!

Over the summer holidays, Mr Nicholls found a Roman coin behind the swimming pool. He sent it to the Time Team who suggested that perhaps the children in Year 4 could excavate the area to see if anything else may be buried there. Of course, we couldn’t say no to Tony Robinson! So with metal detectors, shovels and trowels we set off to in the school grounds. Having been successful in finding a number or Roman coins as well as other artefacts we were interested to learn more about Roman life. One of the things we found out was the Romans were famous for their army. We decided to create shields that resembled those of the Roman army. Here are some pictures of our shields…

In Autumn 2 Year 4 started our new topic that was all about Antarctica and Global Warming. We were introduced to Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to Antarctica. Our topic started when the children spotted some ‘wanted’ posters scattered around the school:

We looked at the posters in detail, unpicked all of the new vocabulary that we hadn’t heard of before and had a reciprocal reading session to help us understand the purpose of this poster. Then we took time to debate and decide whether or not we would like to go on to the journey and why. After we had decided, we wrote letters to Ernest Shackleton to inform him that we would or would not like to apply. 

Our topic continued with us learning about the different animals that you can find in Antarctica and we produced some very helpful fact files of some of the animals. Here are a couple of examples:

We then tried out our art skills and sketched an emperor penguin using shapes as our initial baselines. We were very proud of our work! 


Year 4’s trip to Salisbury Museum

What better way to start off the new year, new term and new topic than a trip to Salisbury Museum to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons. 

We started off the day by looking at Saxon artefacts. We all became archaeologists, filling in a ‘Finds Record’ sheet about artefacts we were looking at which included weapons, jewellery and ceramics. Things we had to note down included:

  • What it was made of
  • If it had any decoration on it
  • How big it was
  • What it was used for
  • What kind of person would have used it
  • If it was the complete artefact or if it was broken
  • What it felt like

We then had to sketch a picture of the item. Here we are filling out our ‘Finds Record Sheets’.

After this, we learnt that Saxon’s loved to make extravagant accessories like brooches. We were impressed with the intricate details the Saxon’s carved into them and had a go at making our own. We used a sheet of gold paper to imprint our designs onto and then stuck a safety pin on the back so we could wear them like real Saxon’s. They turned out brilliantly!

Once we were finished making our brooches, we pinned them to our clothes and got ready for a bit of role play. Our role play showcased a Saxon dying and the process that happened afterwards. 

Important items were placed with the deceased to be buried with him. In this case, the items buried with him were things that Class 10 thought would be important and valuable. Some of the things included; a sleeping bag (to rest comfortably), a ring (sentimental value), a watch (to signify when he died), a teddy bear (for personal comfort) and a knife (to protect him). After the items were placed, we watched as the grave-diggers covered him with soil and then grass to finish the burial process. 

After lunch, Class 10 had a chance to explore the museum fully. We looked at various artefacts in the museum which included things from the Stone-Age through to the Normans. We enjoyed being able to open draws and cupboards to find even more interesting items. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Salisbury Museum and cannot wait to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons this term! 

The Firework Maker’s Daughter

The start of the new year saw year 4 starting a new text in Literacy. As you can guess from the heading, it was called The Firework Maker’s Daughter. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the learning journey that we went on during this book and produced some amazing work; emotive letters, descriptive settings and even some amazing firework art! 

We don’t want to give too much away as Class 10 will be doing a Class Assembly based on this learning! 

Our Anglo-Saxon Homework Projects

During last half term, Miss Ward set us the exciting task of creating our own Anglo-Saxon presentation. We could present it any way we liked; a model, a story, a drawing, a newspaper report, a booklet… the possibilities were endless.

We then had time to show our incredible projects to each other. We treated our classroom like a museum and were very respectful of each others work.

Then we invited our parents and carers in to see them too:

They seemed to really enjoy all of our hard work. We need to say a big THANK YOU to our parents for helping us make such fantastic projects!