Class 11


Here is a reminder of the written methods we are using in Year 5:

Column subtraction:

Column addition:

Short multiplication:

Long multiplication:

Short division:




Our values for this half term are: Salvation, preservation, responsibility, wonder, consequences. We are exploring these using the context of our rivers topic.

Our English unit has focussed on the famous poem ‘Leisure’ by W.H.Davies. We began with speculating on the meaning of the poem before discovering his motivation for writing it was his experiences of living as a tramp in both the UK and USA. Like many of his poems, it engages with the themes of hardship, love of the natural world and the fast pace of life. To conclude the unit, we wrote our own versions about the things we feel we have no time to do.

Science has continued from the first half of spring term looking at life cycles but it has moved from exploring plants to animals. The children have enjoyed understanding and exploring the different animal groupings as well comparing and contrasting these.

In geography, we have developed our understanding of how rivers are formed and the features of a river. Over the coming weeks we will be moving into understanding flooding- the consequences of and our responsibilities towards this.

Our River trip has tied all of these elements together nicely. We spent half of the day walking up a steep hill (The Hanger), wondering at the views across the valley, before creating a model of a river using natural resources. The other half of the afternoon was spent in the river, taking measurements, racing ducks to understand velocity and fishing for invertebrates. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were a credit to our school in the way they conducted themselves.




Move over Paul and Prue! The incredible bakers of Class 11 have been holding their ‘Great British Bread Off’! Firstly, we conducted market research by investigating and tasting different bread types. Next, we designed our own bread shape (after exploring and practicing on salt dough).Then, we chose our own flavourings and baked our bread! They looked divine and tasted delicious – we evaluated them (and scoffed them!)

We’re also busily writing our Travel Brochures, persuading people to visit the country that were now experts in! Using all the features of persuasive writing, we will doubtlessly tempt any reader to visit and enjoy the attractions, foods and culture of Russia / Poland / Croatia / Spain / Italy/ Iceland/ Austria.


It has been a busy start to 2020 in Class 11!

In Geography, we have been learning about the countries that are in the European Union – studying their climates, populations, landmarks and cultures and comparing them to our own. In English, we are using all our powers of persuasive writing to sway other year groups to choose our selected countries for a well-earned holiday!

Ever the busy Scientists in Year 5, we have begun to study lifecycles this term. Starting with the reproduction of plants, where we have dissected flowers to illustrate sexual reproduction and are aiming to grow our own rosemary plants through asexual reproduction.
In DT, we have been looking at bread – so far, we have conducted taste tests and market research to determine the most popular types (fruit bread in our class) and will be designing and baking our own unique tasting mini loaf in few weeks’ time. Yum!

This term we are introducing the story of ‘Have you filled a Bucket today?’ to the year group. This charming tale encourages children to show kindness and consideration for others – filling others ‘bucket’ with their good words / deeds. Why not ask your child to explain this this to you further?




Our start to Year 5 was a busy one! The children of Class 11 were almost instantly immersed into our production of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ as part of the Shakespeare Schools Foundation. Their performance at The Haymarket was incredible – so much dedication, talent and bravery. Well done Class 11!!!

The first half of the term saw some superb writing as the children shared Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ (linking to our desert island theme), providing excellent emotional diary entries and exciting setting descriptions, supported by lots of roleplay. The hands on science topic of ‘Materials’ -enjoyed by all – included many opportunities for experimentation and we even created some casein plastic!

This half term we have been studying the Vikings. Those scary, hairy invaders from the North captured the children’s imaginations and provided an excellent stimulus for art; dance; newspaper articles, scriptwriting and computing using green screen technology. Viking Day on December 11th meant our own mini invasion when the children arrived in fantastic Viking costume and shared their version of ‘Viking Rock’ and their fabulous projects which had obviously been the culmination of many weeks work. Thank you for supporting your child with this.

Viking raiders!


Super Scientists!


Experimenting with colour