Class 12

Our Summer term has got off to a great start. We are beginning to study the Second World War in History and the children have been fascinated to learn about evacuation and what life was like for children their age during the war. We opened an evacuee’s suitcase and discussed why they had chosen to take those contents. 

Year Five visited Paulton’s Park this half term to learn more about our Science topic on Forces. What a fantastic trip! First, we shared two excellent workshops – one was investigating the forces used on rollercoasters. The children were encouraged to explore how the designers of theme park rides use forces to help them, and how they overcome situations where forces work against them! In the second workshop, the children took on the role of computer programmers and successfully used software to set mechanical roundabouts to rotate, reverse and light up! 

After a short lunch, we hit the rides! The children had an opportunity to get around as many rides as they could with their classmates. We all had a fantastic day … even the sun came out to play!