Class 12

Our first three weeks of 2020 have taken the children on a road trip around Europe and given them a feel for some the wonders within our own continent. The children are working in small groups to research a given country with the aim of producing a ‘Lonely Planet’ style persuasive brochure.


Our science for this term focuses on life cycles, beginning with exploring plants. The children have revised the parts of a plant and learnt about how sexual reproduction occurs. In groups, they then dissected a flower and enjoyed being able to identify and name the parts. Following on from this, we looked at asexual reproduction and the children are having a go at growing their own Rosemary plant from a cutting.


We have been learning about QR codes and the children have become excited by noticing them everywhere around them. Eventually, the children will create their own QR code to add to and enhance their English persuasive holiday brochure.


This DT unit has proven to be a hit with the children! They thoroughly enjoyed tasting different types of bread and rating them based upon their appearance, texture, taste and smell. Our most favoured one was fruit bread.

Bucket filler

Towards the end of this week, we will be introducing the children to the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ Why not ask your child to explain this to you. We are going to be looking for children who are being bucket fillers and showing love, kindness and generosity towards  others.




I am so proud of the start to Year 5 Class 12 have shown! Throughout the beginning of the Autumn term they immersed themselves in our performance of The Tempest and put on a stunning show at the Haymarket.

The theme of being stranded on an island fed into our English unit through the study of the text ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. The children absorbed themselves into the writing process and empathised with the main character Michael. They were able to put themselves into his shoes and write a diary entry in anger and later in regret and remorse.

Over our computing unit in Autumn 1, I was impressed by their team work used to create a racing game on the computer programming software, Scratch. Together, they were able to debug any errors they came across and create a game they could play competitively against one another.


Moving into Autumn 2, Class 12 have been exploring Vikings alongside fairy tales (Oh yes we have!). The text ‘Blackberry Blue’ was the stimulus for our English. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading Jamila Gavin’s fairy tales with a twist and enjoyed identifying the traditional features whilst being grabbed by something they weren’t expecting. Using these as a model, the children wrote their own versions which they put a lot of effort into and were really proud to share with one another.

Alongside this, our topic has been the vicious Vikings. Using their research notes in history, the children have create eye-catching posters about different aspects of the Vikings: art, religion, culture and traditions. Our Viking Day yesterday appeared to be a great hit and it was an enjoyable day creating models of a Viking longboat and a Viking shield, crafting a necklace with their name written in runes and learning our song ‘Viking Rock’. I was blown away by the projects they brought in and could really see the effort and time they put into these- so thank you for supporting your child to complete this.

In art, we have been getting creative using different painting techniques and colour tones to form pictures of a Viking longship in a storm. Many of their final pieces are on display around the school.

Throughout the whole of the Autumn term, Class 12 have experienced a range of hands-on science lessons, linked to changing materials, by carrying out their own experiments; from creating casein plastic, to using a range of methods to separate a mixture of materials.