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Autumn 2018

Class 12 have been extremely busy this half term!

We have been exploring properties of everyday materials, looking into how they respond to magnets and their thermal and electrical conductivity. Not only that, but we have also been looking into irreversible changes and how to separate a mixture of materials.

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 Materials 12







 Autumn Term

November 2018 

What a show! On Tuesday 6th November, Class 12 took to the stage with their outstanding performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke. Our stunning, talented actors recreated the tragic love story like no other. Friends and family gave rave reviews and were in awe of the children’s abilities on stage. Everyone worked incredibly hard and Miss Mackrill could not be prouder of her class. Well done all of you!

Thank you to everyone who came to watch.



 In PE we have exploring balance and counter balance.  Developing our teamwork skills by working in partners.

Gym1 12

 Gym2 12