Class 13

Welcome to class 13’s webpage! We hope you enjoy browsing through our learning journey this year.

At the beginning of the term, we concluded our learning about the Magi and Epiphany by visiting St Mary’s Church where Mr Silverwood explained the science behind the appearance of the star in the Christmas story. 

Our topic for the Spring Term is Evolution and Adaptation.  We began our topic by looking at Darwin’s observations of the adaptations in finches.  We all became birds who lived on a range of islands which had different food sources.  Our beak’s were adapted to see if we would flourish or sadly die out!  Luckily, the majority of us survived but many birds with chopstick beaks are no longer with us.


In science, we have been studying light.  In the experiment below, we were investigating reflection.  Using our maths knowledge about angles, we calculated the angle of incident and reflection.  If we had been accurate with our scientific measures the angles would be the same.

In Design Technology we had to design and make space buggies. We had to work as a team by communicating and listening to each others’ ideas. We had to ensure that the motor enabled the wheels to turn – especially as we had a race to see whose buggy went the fastest!


The winning Moon buggy!



As part of our Space learning, we were visited by Mr Macleod who works for the UK Space Agency.  He told us lots of interesting facts about Space and life in space.  We dressed up in an astronaut’s suit and tasted real Space food too!

To launch our learning about Space, we visited the Winchester planetarium and science centre. Whilst we were there we visited a range of exhibits carrying out hands on investigations.  We also had a workshop where we learnt about how light travels and reflection.

As part of our Space study, we were set the task of creating projects on a planet from our solar system.  We each selected a planet and shared the information we learnt in a variety of creative ways.  We created 3D models, amazing artwork, fact-files, musical compositions, stories and poetry.  We then shared our learning with our parents in our classroom science museums.

Here we are voting using our ostracons.  We compared our own school council elections to the ideas of democracy the Ancient Greek’s developed all those years ago.

We made our own ostracons so we could vote on whether the acropolis should be rebuilt.

We also got to grips with the Ancient Greek alphabet so we could send and decode messages.

Throughout the day, we had the chance to taste and evaluate a range of Greek food in ‘Dionysus’s café’.

During the afternoon we held our own Ancient Games.  We all became competitors  in a range of events which included: wrestling, running, long jump, javelin and discus throwing.

Ancient Greek wrestling.

Running Races.

The standing long jump.

Throwing the javelin.


The discus challenge.

We had our own Ancient Greek Day where we all dressed up and became groovy Greeks!



Our first topic this year was the ‘Ancient Greeks’ which took as back in time to explore the Ancient Olympic Games, what life was like in towns and cities and investigate the legacy the Ancient Greek’s left behind. We started by digging into the past when we completed the Greek Gauntlet.