Class 14

Welcome to class 14’s webpage! We hope you enjoy browsing through our learning journey this year.

To begin out year, Year 6 have launched our first topic – Ancient Greece. We have learnt a vast amount of information surrounding Ancient Greeks and focused heavily on the Ancient Olympics. I think it is safe to say that one of the best parts of our topic was having our Ancient Greek themed day. We all dressed up and took part in a variety of activities. 

We had our very own Dionysus Diner where we had a food tasting activity. We tried; olives, pitta bread, humous, tzatziki, honey and Greek yoghurt. 

We had group photos to show of our amazing outfits! 

We carried out our Olympic games which included javelin, long jump, boxing/wrestling, and running races.

Here are some photos from our Open Box visit:

In our Art lessons, we made some wonderful clay pots inspired by Kate Malone. Here are a few of our creations:

In our indoor P.E lessons, we worked on our Shape and Balance. Here are a few stills taken from our sequenced performance. We also focused on being symmetrical with other members of our group. 

The Autumn 2 term kicked started our learning around Space. We learnt lots at home as well as in class and were able to create projects based around a chosen planet. These were our creations:


To link with our Space topic, Year 6 enjoyed a visit to Winchester Science Centre where we had the chance to look around all of the interesting exhibits, enjoy a planetarium show and take part in a workshop. This consolidated all of our learning and we learned some interesting new facts too! 

During our French lessons this half term, we have been focusing on the French festival, ‘La Fete Des Rois’. During the topic, we have been researching all about the special occasion which included baking our own Galette des Rois. We took part in the tradition of hiding a trinket/money in the cake with the result of a King/Queen being crowned if they were lucky enough to be the one with the coin in their slice. 


In Science this term, we have been learning about Evolution and Inheritance. We took the time to look at Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and looked in detail at his Natural Selection theory and his work looking at finches. We decided to test his theory by carrying out our own experiment. Our experiment consisted of us each having a different shaped ‘beak’ (spoon, toothpicks, tweezers) and tried to use our beaks to ‘eat’ different sized ‘seeds’ (counters, marbles, rice grains, raisins). Here are photos of our experiment:


Year 6 Sports Day was a fun day with the children competing in the egg and spoon race, walking backwards race and the 3-legged race. This was followed by the hotly contested flat races and relay. The overall winners for Year 6 was the Oak team! Congratulations to them and also Sycamore, Ash and Beech for participating.  


From this term onwards, the Year 6 prefects will be managing these learning pages. We hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been up to!

This term, we have begun a new topic: Space. To launch this, we had a visit from Space Dome. This treat involved being in a large dome with a projected sky onto the ceiling; we zoomed up into space and gazed at constellations and planets. The dome provided us with a tour of Mars as well as a trip to the International Space Station and pictures of Buzz Aldrin on the moon!

In the afternoon, we experimented with dry ice which was amazing! Everyone then made their own little rocket complete with a small capsule ready to be filled with dry ice. We then went outside and filled the capsule with dry ice and launched them into the sky. Some rockets flew a great distance…and some, disappointingly, did not!

Following on from this, we had to explore the science question: why does the sun and the moon appear the same size? We all know that the sun is massive in comparison to the moon, so why do they look the same size? This got us thinking of how this was possible and how could we prove this. We discussed that it was due to perspective and how the distance between the sun and moon impacts our perception.

We conducted an experiment which required us to cut out two pieces of paper of different sizes. The smallest piece represented the moon and the biggest piece represented the sun. We then went to the field to explore the concept of perspective. One person stood with the I-pad, one person held the ‘moon,’ paper (which was 5 metres in front of them), then someone else walked away with from the, ‘sun’ paper until they appeared to be the same size to the person holding the I-pad. A final person used a tape measure to measure the distance between the two.