Class 14

Welcome to class 14’s webpage! We hope you enjoy browsing through our learning journey this year.

To launch our topic of Adaptation and Evolution, we visited the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin identified finches with a variety of beaks. Our experiment involved eating different food sources with different types of, ‘beaks,’ to discover which finches would survive and which would die and become extinct!

To learn about The Magi, we visited our local church, Saint Mary’s, where a member of the church, Mr Silverwood, talked to the children about the science involved around the shining star in the Christmas Story.

Finally, in Design Technology we made space buggies. We had to work as a team by communicating and listening to each others’ ideas. We had to ensure that the motor enabled the wheels to turn – especially as we had a race to see whose buggy went the fastest!

We were then given a homework project which required us to research an area of Space which interested us. We were encouraged to design this knowledge in a creative way. Amongst the designs created were 3d models, fact-files, posters and even cakes!



To launch our new topic of Space, we visited the Winchester planetarium and science centre.

We also made Greek pots out of clay using a variety of modelling techniques.


We launched our first topic of Ancient Greece with a day of dressing up, food tasting and Olympic games.