Class 2



Welcome to Class 2’s page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning.

Emergency Closure Home Learning

Information for parents on home learning 23.3.20

Week 1 – The Seven Natural Wonders of the World

Life Skills

Engineering Everest


This half term, the children are learning about the Arctic and Antarctic and creating their own story from a picture taken in a polar region.  Together we created a story map that they followed to rehearse their story orally before writing it. They have also been thinking about what the concept of specialness, looking at special places and discussing what is special to them and what is special to Christians. The children have been learning their number bonds to 10. They have been developing their throwing and catching skills in our PE sessions.


We have researched how they celebrate New Year and found out that they do clean their houses to get rid of any bad luck so the children had a good clear out in their classroom before an afternoon of partying. They ate some dumplings that they made with Mrs Bond, one of our pupil’s mum in the morning and performed a dragon dance.




This term, class 2 is learning about China and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. On our second day back, the children boarded a flight to Beijing. We had a visitor coming to talk to us about how she is celebrating it with her family and we found out why the Chinese years are name after animals. We also learnt how to subtract and used the coins from our Chinese red envelopes.



Class 2 has been looking for sign of autumn and also explored shapes in and out of the classroom. The children have found out about the Christmas celebrations and why it is important for Christians. In order to learn in a warm and friendly environment, the children are working on being on ‘Heartsmart’, learning to be a super friend, aware of the impact of words and how it affects others.