Class 2

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2’s page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning.

Summer Term


Whilst the teachers were setting up for Sports Day Mr Nicholls discovered something he thought YR would find interesting….

We went on an adventure to explore what Mr Nicholls had discovered. We found a huge footprint! We thought it had to belong to something with large feet such as a giant, a bear, a dinosaur or an elephant. We thought it might be a dinosaur footprint and so set off to investigate which dinosaur it could belong to.

The children enjoyed small world roleplay at purple star with the toy dinosaurs.

We explored different footprints and had a go at drawing some.

We also made our own dinosaur fossil footprints using clay.

The children enjoyed using newspaper to create dinosaur collages.


























Mrs Mason found this chest outside Class 2. The children were very interested to know what was inside but was closed very tightly and were not sure who left it there. It doesn’t belong to Miss Cracknell, Mrs Mason or any of the children. They also asked the people in the office and Mrs Wyeth but they don’t know who it belongs to either.

As a class they spent a long time wondering about the chest together … who might it belong to, what might be inside and why was it left outside our classroom.

We opened the chest as we weren’t able to find out who the mystery chest belonged to so Mrs Barker suggested we should open it in case there were any clues inside. Inside we discovered … treasure!


Oh no!! The treasure chest went missing and in its place this flag was left…

We made posters to try and find our missing treasure…it still didn’t turn up!

Then a letter arrived addressed to class 2. We opened it and found…

We decided to go on a treasure hunt and follow the map to where X marks the spot. We had to navigate carefully, we took a wrong turn along the way and had to remind Miss Cracknell to read the map carefully. 


Look what we found….our treasure chest!!

As we had found the treasure Captain Barnacle Bill suggested we write a letter to Mrs Wyeth asking her if we could have a pirate party…she said yes!

The children have really enjoyed making some of their own maps and exploring for treasure in the classroom and in our outdoor area.

In PE the children have been working hard to look at a different kind of map… in orienteering. They worked in small teams to read their ‘map’, collect the resources they needed by using the key and then position their resources to match the image on their card.

I was so impressed with all of them. They showed great skills in teamwork, map reading and they put the resources back tidily each time they completed an image. Some teams worked so hard they managed to complete several different maps!

Pirate Party

We made pirate men shortbread biscuits ready for our pirate party later on in the week.

We had such an exciting day! We began by icing the biscuits we made. We played pirate musical statues and guess who said arrrgh. We danced down the line with a partner. Then we had a rest and ate our biscuit and had some special pirate ‘grog’ to drink.

Lastly, Mrs Wyeth came to walk the plank. She brought her monkey with her because she was a bit scared and he helped her to be brave. We encouraged her by chanting ‘walk the plank’ very loudly! After Mrs Wyeth had walked the plank, we all had a go. The children decided Miss Cracknell should be made to walk the plank too. It was great fun ‘splashing’ into the water!

Under the Sea

Class 2 enjoyed exploring which animas live under the sea using small world creatures.
The children sorted animals by whether they live on land or under the sea.

Blue Reef Aquarium Trip

The children enjoyed their first school trip to Blue Reef Aquarium. For many children it was their first journey on a coach which caused lots of excitement before we left school! We explored the aquarium in small groups, had a ‘habitat’ talk, ate lunch and had time to play in the huge outdoor play area.
Following our trip to Blue Reef Aquarium we noticed an exhibit there about pollution in the sea and decided to create our own posters telling people how we can work together to keep our seas clean.
We have been exploring maths outside covering properties of shapes, addition and subtraction splat and number bonds splat.

One activity that was a favourite amongst the children was solving a shark number story, first in a small group and then in pairs. For example: there were five fish swimming in the sea, along came a shark and then there were two. The children were challenged to work out how many fish the shark had eaten and then explain how they knew and have a go at writing the matching number sentence.
We have enjoyed learning and rehearsing poems and performing them with actions over the past few weeks.
The children explored using crayons to create an underwater scene and then washed over it with blue paint to finish.

Spring Term

Living Eggs and Easter

A very egg-citing arrival has come to school. The children enjoyed predicting what could be inside the eggs. We had guesses including a goose, snake, chickens, chameleon and various dinosaurs. Updates to follow…
The children have been exploring number bonds for 5 and 10 in different ways such as finding 2 numicon pieces that can fit on top of a 10 piece of numicon. They have also enjoyed addition games such as pop and add.
In our roleplay area the children have enjoyed using the small world farm animals and objects together.
More children have been working on our tortoise attitude to try and keep working areas of learning we find tricky such as writing challenges at green star.
In PE we have been practising the step-tick-tock technique to help us with our underarm throwing.
The eggs hatched and it turned out to be chicks. We have really enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and have written diary entries about how they have grown into their fluffy feathers.
The children enjoyed exploring around our Year R garden hunting for special eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden. After completing the Easter egg hunt they were each rewarded with a chocolate prize. The children also enjoyed creating their own Easter cards.

Polar Lands

During this topic the children in class 2 have explored the polar lands of the Arctic and Antarctic.

We created our own story map based on a picture. Class 2’s story was:

One icy day a man called Tom went outside to feed his pet huskies but he couldn’t find his huskies anywhere. The huskies had run away! Oh no said Tom, I wonder where my huskies are. Tom searched for his huskies in the snow and ice. Tom needed some help to find his pets. He bumped into some penguins and asked them to help him look for his huskies. The penguins helped Tom to search but they still couldn’t find the huskies. Tom went to find someone else to help, when he saw…Santa and his reindeer! Santa took Tom in his sleigh and they flew over the snowy mountains where they saw the huskies hiding. Tom took his pet huskies home and gave them their food. The end.


We have been demonstrating how to use the monkey learning power of creativity to create play-doh models of polar bears and penguins.

Class 2 have used elephant teamwork to build igloos.

In maths we explored sharing an made sure to share out the fish equally so that each penguin had the same amount.

We also helped polar bears crossing water by jumping on two different icebergs which would add up to 10.

We enjoyed completing the red nose and spoon race for Red Nose Day.

The children have had fun enjoying learning through play in the sunshine.

In Heart Smart we have been talking about how we can be ‘Super Friends’ to each other.


I want my hat back

The children have been busy designing and making a hat for one of the classroom animals. The biggest challenge was to make the actual hat look like their design. They all worked really hard and were proud with their finished hat.

We have been working hard on our fine motor skills in different ways.

We have been working on colouring carefully, ensuring we stay in the lines and don’t leave any white spaces. We coloured pictures of animals found within our story ‘I want my hat back’, such as an armadillo.

In PE we have been warming up using our favourite bean game before practising our throwing and catching skills. We have worked on looking at the person you are throwing to, saying their name so they are ready, having hands ready to catch and thinking carefully about how hard / far we needed to throw the ball.

Chinese New Year

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about different celebrations … Christmas, our birthdays and New Year. Early in January, some objects arrived in our classroom from a mysterious country. We thought it could be China so we boarded a flight to investigate and to learn more about a special celebration.

We read some books to learn about how new year is celebrated in China and learnt that their years are named after animals instead of numbers. This year is going to be the ear of the Tiger. We thought it would be fun to celebrate Chinese New Year at school and wrote letters to Mrs Wyeth asking if this was possible. She said yes! On Chinese New Year’s Eve, we prepared by cleaning the classroom, making red lanterns to decorate the classroom and making red envelopes with Chinese writing on them. Miss Cracknell said we might be lucky and find a special coin inside on New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Day, we came to school dressed in red clothes to bring good luck and celebrated by doing a special dragon dance under an enormous dragon.

The children have been learning a new way to record their thinking when solving number problems. The children had two planes and five passengers. Their challenge was to find different ways to put their passengers on the planes and then to record their thinking in a part-part-whole model.

Autumn Term

Autumn & Percy the Park Keeper

We enjoyed exploring the school grounds in our wellies whilst searching for signs of autumn. We stopped to see and share what we had found.

We explored ordering autumnal numbers to 10 and solving subtraction stories.

We tackled the ‘leaf challenge’. Each child was given five double sided counters to represent the leaves on the tree. The tree has five leaves on it. The leaves might be red or yellow. Show me what the tree looks like. The children then placed their counters on their tree and told me in a sentence about their tree. Eg My tree has three red leaves and two yellow leaves. We looked at each others’ trees to see if they all looked the same – they didn’t! This led to a discussion about why our trees looked different even though they each had five leaves.

We read ‘Percy the park keeper: the lost acorns’ and we were inspired to plant our own bulbs ready for spring just like Percy did in the story. We made sure to weed the raised beds first before carefully planting our spring bulbs.  

Little Red Hen

At the start of the Autumn Term, Miss Cracknell and Class 2 received a very strange parcel. We opened it up to see what was in it, this is what we found…

The children in Class 2, were set a task to see what book might have a dog, duck, cat, pig and hen in. They came up with many ideas and then they noticed the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ which had these characters and wheat, flour and bread in too.

At school, the role play area turned into a puppet show where we loved retelling the story of the Little Red Hen using the puppets or sitting and watching our friends tell the story to us.

We experimented with collage and carefully selected red and yellow tissue for the Little Red Hen’s body.

We read lots of different versions of the story and were really sad that the Little Red Hen’s friends wouldn’t help her make bread. Then one day, we received a letter. We were so excited to see what the letter said:

We were so excited to help. Unfortunately, Miss Cracknell didn’t know how to make bread. Therefore, we decided to go home and find out so we could help both Miss Cracknell and The Little Red Hen.

We enjoyed tasting different types of bread and choosing which was our favourite.








We were sad when the topic came to an end however, during the final week we got to make bread! It was lots of fun. We hope the Little Red Hen enjoyed what we made and we were really happy we could help her.


Settling In

We have been exploring our outdoor area enjoying all activities available such as the sandpit, mud kitchen, woods, tangle web, water tray and climbing rocks. We have been learning to follow our school rules with learning inside the classroom and within our outdoor area. These rules are: be ready, be safe and be respectful.