Class 2

Welcome to Class 2’s page. We hope you enjoy sharing our learning.

Class 2 is making most of the mild autumnal weather; they went to explore the school grounds and have worked with natural resources throughout the curriculum.

 web nov 01  The children explore comparative language to describe natural resources and develop further the concept of more//less.
 web nov 02

 ‘I can make my own circuit for our car’ said Elias

‘I help you’ replied Josie

The children worked hard resourcing and building it for everyone to enjoy.

 web nov 03  It was busy at the office this week- the children wrote important messages, typed on the laptop, printed documents while answering many phone calls.
 web nov04  Class 2 have gained confidence balancing along the benches and beams before moving into developing throwing and catching skills. The transition into dressing up for PE went smoothly and can be done in less than 5 minutes for the fastest; Amazing!



 ‘Who will help me plant the wheat?’

  ‘Not I’, said the dog

  ‘Not I’, said the cat

  ‘Not I’, said the duck



 web3  The children were busy digging, filling buckets to empty in the tyre and cooking pies
 website1  The children were looking for words starting with the sound ‘S’


 Aquarium 2  Almost everyone got the chance to see what a starfish felt like. We also learned that starfish have a mouth on their tummy and an eye on the end of each leg!
 Aquarium 3  Some of us were really brave and touched a green shore crab…
Aquarium 4 …and some of us touched a big spider crab!



Our first week in Spring 2 brought us 2 snow days! Take a look at us exploring the snow when we were at school. We made footprints, snow angels and wrote our names in the snow.

snow archie


snow flora z

snow tally tabitha felicity

snow willow

snow zak charlie writing

This half term we have been working on our sketching skills. Take a look at some of our wonderful sketches of winter trees:

sketch flora

sketch axl

sketch tabitha

sketch joe

sketch alice

sketch tallis

sketch jasmine

sketch frankie

sketch violet


We have been practising mindfulness in the classroom to help us become more aware of what our bodies are doing and to enable us to become more focused on our learning.

Class 2 mindful 1
Class 2 mindful 2
Class 2 mindful 3
Class 2 mindful 4


This half term we have been learning all about Owls, look below at the photos of us sharing our learning…

 class 2 owl 1

How do owls sleep?

We learnt that owls sleep standing up and that they have bendy necks to tuck into their wing when they are sleeping.

We also learnt that they are nocturnal. This means that they sleep in the day time and are awake at night. 

 class 2 owl 2

How do they fly?

We learnt that their feathers are very soft and don’t make any noise when they are flying. This helps them to swoop down and catch their prey.

 class 2 owl 4

What do they eat?

We learnt that owls hunt at night for insects and mice. They catch food with their talons and move it around with their beak.

 class 2 owl 3

 How do they find their way back if they are lost?

Owls have very strong senses and can see extremely well, even in the dark!

They can smell familiar owls which helps them find their way home.

They can hear animals scuttling around on the ground even when they are high up in the sky. This helps them to know where to catch their prey.

class 2 owl 5

How do they sleep?

We also learnt that owls have very bendy necks and that this helps them to tuck their head under their wing when they are sleeping.




 All of the children have settled brilliantly into school life. They have loved exploring the indoor and outdoor learning environments!  
 Line 1 We have been learning to line up to walk to the playground and to go to lunch.
 Line 2

We have been learning to walk in a straight line, looking at the person in front of us so we know when to walk and making sure that we have our arms by our sides.

Each group did a fantastic job, especially considering it was their first ever day of school!

 water tray 2  We have been learning to use some brand new water resources. We now have funnels, sieves, buckets and all sorts of interesting containers to help us explore capacity in the water tray.
 archie shavingfoam We have been exploring different textures outside and have loved getting our hands messy! We have also been learning to make marks and write letters in different materials. 
 francesca listening  We have been listening carefully to traditional tales on the cd player.
 floraz playdough  We have been exploring the playdough using different rolling techniques.
 lexi rose mud kitchen  We have been making all sorts of interesting creations in the mud kitchen.