Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

We came back after the Easter holidays to find a bean stalk in our classroom! There were also some gigantic muddy footprints leading to our classroom door and we found a boot! We could not believe it! We decided to be detectives, we found out that the footprint match the boot, but we couldn’t find anyone who’s foot would fit in the boot as it was so big! We decided it must be a giant’s!

How exciting it is, every week to create some great routines on the different apparatus! We are able to include the five gymnastic shapes we learnt last term on the mats.




Class 3 have enjoyed learning to compare the lengths and heights of different objects in and out of class and then they enthusiastically learnt to use resources such Multilink, paperclips and finally the rulers to measure them















This Spring the children have also  learnt about their body- they have listened to some Funny Bones stories which helped them learn the main bones and have thought about the senses their use when their listen to stories or cuddle their favourite soft toy. They went on to a sound walk to make them aware of all the sounds that surround them in their daily school life.



In English we have been reading the story On Sudden Hill. The story is about Birt and Etho and the changes in their friendship as Shu joins their games. They work together at the end of the story to create a cardboard box creation called Mr ClimbFierce. We decided that we wanted to make our own cardboard box creations.

We knew that we wanted other people to be able to make our cardboard box creations too, so we decided that we would write instructions. We looked at lots of different examples, wrote instructions for brushing our teeth and making a sandwich and played lots of instruction games. We then worked together in our groups to create our own cardboard box creations and we wrote down each step as we made them. Now we will write instructions on how to create own cardboard box creation.

We were also lucky enough to have a tennis coach come into school and teach us some tennis skills! We had so much fun!

We began spring term with an art day! First we learned about primary colours and how to mix them to create secondary colours. Then we learned about how to make tints and shades! Once we had learned how to make many different colours, we create our own pieces. We created two pieces, one inspired by Mondrian and one inspired by Kandinsky.

In DT, we create a moving picture of Boris the robot. The children made their design by choosing which parts they wanted to move.


We have been learning about the seasons and the weather in the UK and looked at the different instruments we may us to measure it. We made a class weather vane and Mrs Barton made a rain gauge to monitor rainfall in Overton.


The children have really enjoyed learning about two very special nurses called Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They started  researching about Florence and attended a workshop and experienced looking after some wounded teddies. They learnt about the conditions in hospitals in the 19th century and the impact these two nurses had.


This half term, the children have been learning about Overton, where it is situated on a map (hard copies and on the internet), atlas and globe. They also looked at the physical and human features of the village and learnt about the different types of houses during our walk. Finally we drew a map of the village together. It was fun!

In P.E, the children have been developing their under-arm and over-arm throws as well as their catching skills.



We think that the Three Little Pigs have been busy collecting some materials to build their houses.

What is all that mess in our garden!










Sports Day

The children had a lot of fun competing in a beanbag race, a three legged race and a racket slalom before participating or watching the boys and girls finals of the flat races