Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Sports Day

The children had a lot of fun competing in a beanbag race, a three legged race and a racket slalom before participating or watching the boys and girls finals of the flat races.

Autumn 2 –

We learnt that Florence Nightingale was called ‘the lady of the lamp’ as she used to check on patients at night holding an oil lamp.

A nurse came to talk to us about her job as a nurse  to help us understand and compare the conditions of hospitals now and in Victorian times. 

The Open Box theatre company also helped us understand Florence Nightingale’ life from her childhood up to when she died. This is us being soldiers and nurses in a hospital during the Crimean war!

What are Mrs Barton and Miss Cracknell wearing? I know said one of our little gem ‘they are dressed up as Florence Nightingale!’ It was time to find out who she was!

We ;have been solving some number problems using the bar model…

We made a hospital using the Tap Tap game!


Autumn 1-

What is all that mess in our garden? Straw, sticks and foam bricks!! This remind me of …. That’s right the story of the three little pigs. We enjoyed learning about how characters impact on a story and during our P4C session we discovered a different version of this story called ‘Wolf won’t bite’. They also wrote their very own end of the story as well exploring what homes were like many many years ago,

The children explored houses and homes and built some using different types of materials- Lego, foam bricks, stones, cardboard boxes.

  They also manipulated clay and made their own clay house.

Spring 1

We have been looking at the story On Sudden Hill. In the story, two boys – Birt and Etho use cardboard boxes as their imaginative toys alternative. Another boy joins and they create the ultimate cardboard box creation. We used this for inspiration – we gathered ideas as a team for what we could create. Then we planned our creations and, in our English, we wrote instructions. We then had to follow our instructions in DT and create our cardboard box creations. To go with the creations we threaded our own flags and are VERY proud of what we have done. A Shark   A treasure chest An elephant A digger A castle. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are well into our Toys topic now. We have been looking at old and new toys and thinking about the differences between them. In our outside area we have our own Toy Shop and we love role playing customers and shop owners. We even get to use Money to pay for toys and give change! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have had Boris the Robot join us for some of our learning this year. He helps us to make Heart Smart choices for ourselves and others. We also used Boris in our DT learning and creating moving pictures of him! We are very proud of them, take a look: