Class 5

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Spring 1

A busy start to Spring 1:

A special visitor

A class assembly

and a class treat!

Victorian Topic:

Wow Class 5 are well into our Victorian topic. We have had a successful few weeks learning about what life was like in the Victorian era, we have looked carefully at various artefacts from the olden days as well as delving into a couple of core texts to develop our language and atmosphere. We have just found out that are main text is all about Oliver Twist and we are looking carefully at how Charles Dickens creates a miserable, frightening and gloomy atmosphere.

As Autumn 2 is coming to an end we have been focusing on our Nativity and learning about the journey of an old lady called Babushka. We made links between this story and our Nativity. We created freeze frames showing our own special journeys. We took the photos ourselves and shared our special journeys with our friends.


Autumn 1 & 2

In Autumn 1 we learned all about Bee’s. We had to write lots of letters to show that we were able to look after the bees that are hopefully coming to school soon. We had Ian and Ken come in and show us all about how to keep bees safe and about what they do. It was really interesting. Thank you Ken and Ian, we loved it!

In Autumn 2 we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London.

Our core text was a book called The Flower, in this story there was a boy called Brigg who lived in a colourless world where there were no plants or wildlife. We created our own class colourless word using charcoal and pencil.

 In Autumn 2 we have been learning about different types of material. We needed to understand about the properties of materials to ensure we understood one of the key reasons why The Great Fire of London was so disastrous was because the houses were made from timber. Autumn 2 – We have been very creative this term – Look at some of our finished modern day interpretations of a Fire engine, we worked collaboratively and made sure that are vehicle had a working mechanism.