Class 5

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Autumn 2 2021 

What an amazing half term we have had full of laughter and lots of learning – The children have worked so hard during the term and have learnt a phenomenal amount about The Great Fire of London, through various different areas of the curriculum – dances, workshops, Design and technology, music, science and Art printing. 

Here are our beautiful fire engines – we collaborated together being elephants to create our working mechanism: 

And we also learnt about the famous printers and used them as inspiration to create our own prints showing The Great Fire of London: 


Autumn 1 2021 

We have had an amazing start to this academic year, with the children thoroughly enjoying our Sukkot Day. Where we built our very own Sukkah all while learning all about why Jewish people celebrate Sukkot. They are remembering The Story of Moses.

We decorated our our Sukkah with lanterns and paper chains and then in the afternoon just like the Jewish people do we enjoyed our tasty cakes and fruit in ‘our Sukkah’. What a lovely end to our first half term together.

Have a lovely half term break Class 5.


Sports Day

This year for sports day we all took part in four different activities: chicken race where he had to lay an egg in a bucket, egg and spoon race, backwards bean bag race and a balancing tennis ball race. Some children also took part in the running races and the relay! We all had lots of fun!

KS 1 Nativity 2020

Although this year’s Nativity was a little different the children were great and they have created something truly unique. We hope you enjoy it. Here are some images of your children in their starring roles!



Autumn 2 2020 – 2021

The Great Fire of London.

Class 5 are thoroughly enjoying their topic, we have learned so much about The Great Fire of London already but after our special visitor this week – Mr Chandler  the candle stick maker) we know even more!

Mrs Terry is very impressed with not only our letter writing skills this week but the impressive amount of historical knowledge that we have demonstrated.

Here are some lovely pictures to share with you from that day.



Spring 1 2019 – 2020

A busy start to Spring 1:

A special visitor

A class assembly

and a class treat!

Victorian Topic:

Wow Class 5 are well into our Victorian topic. We have had a successful few weeks learning about what life was like in the Victorian era, we have looked carefully at various artefacts from the olden days as well as delving into a couple of core texts to develop our language and atmosphere. We have just found out that are main text is all about Oliver Twist and we are looking carefully at how Charles Dickens creates a miserable, frightening and gloomy atmosphere.