Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

Autumn 2

Great Fire of London Workshop

We were all thrilled about our Great Fire of London dress up day! We spent the morning in a workshop. First, we travelled back to 1665 and found out about the Black Plague of London and how the disease was spread by the fleas that lived on rats.

Then, we relived 1666 and the Great Fire of London. We found out about Samuel Pepys, his maid Jane, the town crier and King Charles II.

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IMG 0442

IMG 0439


We are excited to use all of this information to write our own diary as a survivor of the Great Fire.


New Topic! Great Fire of London


We have been very excited to start our new topic: The Great Fire of London. We’ve researched all about Samuel Pepys’ diary, the way the houses in London were built and the way the fire spread. Did you know some people buried their expensive cheese and wine to protect them?

We’ve been developing our descriptive vocabulary by describing a real fire.

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Autumn 1

We have started our exciting new Bee Project this term after being invited to join a top secret (shh!) Bee club by Year 3. We have been busy researching about which flowers bees like the most, what different types of bees there are and what equipment we might need for our apiary.IMG 1065

 IMG 1067

IMG 1066


We have been learning about features of a letter and using powerful vocabulary with expanded noun phrases and adverbs to write a letter to the British Bee Association to request our very own bee hive to care for. We are keen to continue our research and find out as much as we can in preparation for being beekeepers in the Summer.