Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Class 6 Assembly 

The children enjoyed preparing for our class assembly so much! We decided to focus our assembly on our Victorian’s topic as the children were eager to dress up and share all that they had learned. Here are some pictures from our assembly.


Victorian school day 

As we enjoyed our trip to Manor Farm so much, we decided to have our own Victorian school day. We all dressed up as Victorian children and Miss MacBean was dressed as a Victorian teacher! We had to line up outside the classroom in a boys line and a girls line, we had to march into class, we weren’t allowed to sit down until Miss MacBean said we could. 

We began the day by practicing our alphabet and arithmetic on black boards with chalk. It was really fun! Anyone who was naughty got the cane and anyone who was silly got the Dunces hat! 

Throughout the day we also practiced our Victorian Waltz and took part in a Victorian P.E lesson. 


Trip to Manor Farm

As part of our Victorians topic we went on a Year 2 trip to Manor Farm. We dressed up in our Victorian clothes and thought about the character we would pretend to be!

At the farm we learned about three different elements of Victorian life.

The School!

Miss Stubbs made us line up in boy and girl lines before we could go in.

She checked our hands were clean. She was not happy with Miss MacBean’s hands!

She told us all about what it was like to go to a Victorian school.

We then had a go at some Victorian spellings and arithmetic!

The House!

We learned all about the chores that had to be done around the house.

We also found out that they only bathed every Saturday!

We couldn’t believe that their toilets were outside!

The Farm!

We got to rev a tractor, walk sheep and feed the sheep!

Class 6 Treat!!!

10 Class beads means only one thing- Class treat! Class 6 chose to have a pyjama party with their teddies, popcorn and a film! The film that the majority voted for was Hoodwinked, a twist on the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Religious Education Day

This term in R.E we have been learning about Creation stories. We began this learning by using a medium of our choice to create anything we wanted! We created using: instruments, colouring pencils, watercolour paints, clay and collage. We all really enjoyed being artists!

We looked at the Christian and Hindu Creation stories. We discussed in detail their similarities and differences.

We ordered pictures from the Hindu creation story and added short captions for each image.

We then created our own Creation stories about how we believe the world was created. We designed our own front covers with our names on them, we drew a picture to represent each day and wrote a sentence to describe what happened on each day. We then shared our books together as a class.


The Victorians

Our topic for this half term is the Victorians!

We found a time capsule and really enjoyed exploring all of the interesting things that we found inside!

Here are some pictures of us exploring the objects. There were newspapers, marbles, dolls, coins, comics, receipts, pictures and hats! We really enjoyed exploring all of the objects, trying to work out what they were, how they were used and who they may have belonged to.


Religious Education

In Religious Education we have been learning all about journeys. We have read and compared the journeys in the Nativity and Babushka. We have discussed the different journeys within each story and consider the choices that these characters made and the emotions they may have felt. We discussed journeys that we had been on and how they made us feel. We created freeze frames to record them emotions. Here are some:



Can you guess what we did at the end of our journeys?

Can you guess how we felt?

Fire Safety

This week we had an exciting visit from Hampshire Fire and Rescue. We learned all about how to stay safe at home, how to stand like fire fighters and how to phone for help in an emergency.



Design Technology and Computing

Linking to our Great Fire of London topic, we made fire engines!

First, of all we researched all about how fire engines look now and what they used to look like.  Here is an example of a groups research. They looked on google and searched by colour to find picture of old and new fire engines. They then looked through a list of websites they had been given and copied and pasted the information that they thought was important for their research.

Then, we designed our fire engines in our groups.

After that, we made our fire engines! The children worked in small groups. They use lots of cardboard boxes and they all tried to make sure that their fire engine had a working mechanism.

Next, we evaluated our fire engines to see how we could improve them.

Finally, we used the laptops to record how we made them. Here is an example of a child’s work. They coped and pasted the pictures that they wanted to use to represent the process and typed sentences to explain what they were doing.



In science we have been learning about materials. We have explored a variety of materials and their properties. We then classified these materials into groups. We have also explored which materials are best for making a house and why. This has allowed us to apply our knowledge of houses and their properties to our Great Fire of London learning.

Topic- The Great Fire of London

This term we have been learning about The Great Fire of London!

We all dressed up as people from 1666! We dressed up as maids, bakers and servants!

We had a really exciting visitor from 1666!

He told us exactly what happened during The Great Fire of London and we got to act it out! We dressed up as: doctors, Samual Pepys, Thomas Farriner and King Charles!







Introducing our new topic! The Great Fire of London!

Today we went into the woods with Mrs Dyer and there was a fire! We all warmed our hands on the fire! We used our senses to discuss the fire, now we have a bank of words that we can use in our descriptive writing.




Introducing our topic! Bees!

Our topic for this half term is Bees!

Ken and Ian came to visit us and brought a real hive of bees into our classroom!

We loved looking at the bees and trying to spot the queen bee which has a spot. We also got to see lots of interesting honeycomb, beeswax and dead bees which they brought to show us to.

This visit has really helped us to learn lots of facts about bees which we will now apply into our letter writing! We really hope that our school will get some bees soon!