Class 6

Autumn 2

What a term it has been! We’ve had laughter, dress up and singing as we delved into 1666 and discovered the Great Fire of London. The children experienced an amazing workshop, in which they re-enacted the key events; they’ve dressed as all kinds of people  from the time period, and stretched their imaginations to write diary entries to recount the event. We also linked our Design and Technology learning to our topic, looking at working mechanisms we made our own fire engines. Have a look at our pictures!

Welcome to Class 6

Autumn 1 2021 – 2022

In year 2, we had a fantastic start to this academic year, enjoying learning about Sukkot. During Sukkot day, we built our very own sukkah whilst learning about why Jewish people have this celebration. We spent our day learning about the story of Moses and we decorated our own Sukkah using lanterns and chains. We even decided to make some delicious treats to represent the lulav. Have a look at our photos to see all the fun.

Sports Day

This year for sports day we all took part in four different activities: chicken race where he had to lay an egg in a bucket, egg and spoon race, backwards bean bag race and a balancing tennis ball race. Some children also took part in the running races and the relay! We all had lots of fun!

Nativity 2020

This year Nativity was a little bit different! Here are some photos taken during filming.

The Great Fire of London

This term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London! We all came into school dressed up as people from 1666! We dressed up as maids, bakers and servants! We had a really exciting visitor from 1666 called Mr Chandler the candlestick maker.

He told us exactly what happened during The Great Fire of London and we got to act it out! He dressed up as: doctors, Samual Pepys, Thomas Farriner and King Charles! We thought it was very funny!

Miss MacBean was very impressed with our letter writing and how much knowledge about the Great Fire of London we have!

Here are some pictures from our workshop!


Class 6 Assembly 

The children enjoyed preparing for our class assembly so much! We decided to focus our assembly on our Victorian’s topic as the children were eager to dress up and share all that they had learned. Here are some pictures from our assembly.


Victorian school day 

As we enjoyed our trip to Manor Farm so much, we decided to have our own Victorian school day. We all dressed up as Victorian children and Miss MacBean was dressed as a Victorian teacher! We had to line up outside the classroom in a boys line and a girls line, we had to march into class, we weren’t allowed to sit down until Miss MacBean said we could.

We began the day by practicing our alphabet and arithmetic on black boards with chalk. It was really fun! Anyone who was naughty got the cane and anyone who was silly got the Dunces hat!

Throughout the day we also practiced our Victorian Waltz and took part in a Victorian P.E lesson.


Trip to Manor Farm

As part of our Victorians topic we went on a Year 2 trip to Manor Farm. We dressed up in our Victorian clothes and thought about the character we would pretend to be!

At the farm we learned about three different elements of Victorian life.

The School!

Miss Stubbs made us line up in boy and girl lines before we could go in.

She checked our hands were clean. She was not happy with Miss MacBean’s hands!

She told us all about what it was like to go to a Victorian school.

We then had a go at some Victorian spellings and arithmetic!

The House!

We learned all about the chores that had to be done around the house.

We also found out that they only bathed every Saturday!

We couldn’t believe that their toilets were outside!

The Farm!

We got to rev a tractor, walk sheep and feed the sheep!

Class 6 Treat!!!

10 Class beads means only one thing- Class treat! Class 6 chose to have a pyjama party with their teddies, popcorn and a film! The film that the majority voted for was Hoodwinked, a twist on the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Religious Education Day

This term in R.E we have been learning about Creation stories. We began this learning by using a medium of our choice to create anything we wanted! We created using: instruments, colouring pencils, watercolour paints, clay and collage. We all really enjoyed being artists!

We looked at the Christian and Hindu Creation stories. We discussed in detail their similarities and differences.

We ordered pictures from the Hindu creation story and added short captions for each image.

We then created our own Creation stories about how we believe the world was created. We designed our own front covers with our names on them, we drew a picture to represent each day and wrote a sentence to describe what happened on each day. We then shared our books together as a class.


The Victorians

Our topic for this half term is the Victorians!

We found a time capsule and really enjoyed exploring all of the interesting things that we found inside!

Here are some pictures of us exploring the objects. There were newspapers, marbles, dolls, coins, comics, receipts, pictures and hats! We really enjoyed exploring all of the objects, trying to work out what they were, how they were used and who they may have belonged to.