Class 7

Welcome to Class 7’s page!



We have had a fantastic topic all around the Stone Age.

We learnt a lot in class and did plenty of enquiry based learning.

As well as this, we were lucky enough to go to Butser Farm and see, first hand, what it was like to live in the Stone Age.

We wrote some incredible Stone Age fact sheets and ended our topic with a totally immersive Stone Age Day where we dressed up and participated in Stone Age activities including cave painting and food sampling!




This term we have started our Stone Age topic. 

We had an amazing Stone Age day. We got to dress up as Stone Age people and go into the woods to imagine what it might be like living in the Stone Age. We had a fire and built shelters from the branches and sticks. 

In Maths we have been learning how to divide. We started by using resources to help us, and then we moved onto using the bar model. 

We have enjoyed learning about Stone Age weapons, the food that they ate and what type of clothes that they wore. We explored some Stone Age artifacts and looked closely at them to produce some amazing observational drawings. 

In science we have enjoyed learning about Rocks and Fossils! We learned about the different types of rocks, how they are made and learned how fossils are formed. We investigated which rock was the hardest.  

We had lots of fun using the Probots in computing! We programmed the Probots using algorithms in order to get them to draw different shapes. 




This week we have launched our human body science topic. The children drew around their bodies and filled in what they know about the human body. Not only was it great fun, we also had some great discussions about where parts of our body should go. 

In Maths, we have been looking at part-part-whole models and linking it to what we know about place value. We have been representing three-digit numbers using different visual representations. We investigated what happens when you move place value counters onto different columns on the place value grid. We tried to find all the possible answers! We had to work systematically so that we knew we hadn’t missed any numbers.