Class 7

Welcome to Class 7’s page!


Spring 2: Overton

This term our geography topic has helped us to learn more about our local area. In our first lesson we enjoyed using Google maps to locate where in the world we are. Next, we moved into drawing our own maps of Overton, labelling the human and physical features of Overton and finally, identifying different reasons why people choose to live here.

This unit then crossed over into history where we learnt about Overton Silk Mill and Jane Nash, who used to live in Overton and work there. We were shocked to discover that she started working at the Silk Mill at the age of 7 years old and worked 12/13 hour days!

In English this half term, we have been looking at the text ‘The Tin Forest’. This is a transformation story that begins bleak and colourless before live is breathed into the tin forest and it becomes an exotic forest. We read the first 4 pages of the book and then predicted the order of the pictures for the rest of the book. Using this, we wrote our own versions of the story and we were excited to see how this compared to the original text.

PE has focused on developing our rounders and cricket skills and we thoroughly enjoyed having a cricket taster session led by Cricket Activator.

Our maths units have focused on statistics, measurement and fractions. In statistics, we conducted our own survey, by choosing our own question to investigate; asking each child in the class and recording our results as both a tally chart and a bar chart. Our favourite measurement lesson was when we got to measure ours and our friends’ foot size and height to see whether taller people had bigger feet. Finally, during our lessons on fractions we will be learning about halves, quarters and thirds.



Spring 1: The Human Body

Our science-based topic this half term was the human body. During these lessons we dissected a pig’s pluck to discover more about two of our vital organs- the heart and lungs. We watched with fascination as these were cut apart and we even got to feel the texture of each of these- some parts were ridged and bumpy, whilst some were slimy and squidgy. Later in the topic, we moved onto focusing on our skeleton, which is for protection, movement and support, and we learnt the scientific names for many of our bones.

In DT we focused on healthy eating and soup. We researched and tasted a range of soups and then designed out own class soup, ensuring it could be eaten by everyone in the class. We enjoyed making and tasting this!

This theme crossed over into our English lessons where we wrote instructions to make our soup and filmed persuasive adverts to sell our soup. Some of the slogans we came up with were:

  • I’m living the soup!
  • Soup yourself!
  • I’m enjoying it!
  • The soup feeling
  • All vegetables are killing it!

This half term, our art lessons helped us to develop our sketching and observation skills as we drew portraits of ourselves. Next, we used different mediums to enhance our portraits in the style of the famous artist Jon Cooper.

These are our portraits before we added media. 


Autumn: The Stone Age 

We have had a fantastic topic all around the Stone Age.

We learnt a lot in class and did plenty of enquiry based learning.

As well as this, we were lucky enough to go to Butser Farm and see, first hand, what it was like to live in the Stone Age.

We wrote some incredible Stone Age fact sheets and ended our topic with a totally immersive Stone Age Day where we dressed up and participated in Stone Age activities including cave painting and food sampling!






This term we have started our Stone Age topic. 

We had an amazing Stone Age day. We got to dress up as Stone Age people and go into the woods to imagine what it might be like living in the Stone Age. We had a fire and built shelters from the branches and sticks. 

In Maths we have been learning how to divide. We started by using resources to help us, and then we moved onto using the bar model. 

We have enjoyed learning about Stone Age weapons, the food that they ate and what type of clothes that they wore. We explored some Stone Age artifacts and looked closely at them to produce some amazing observational drawings. 

In science we have enjoyed learning about Rocks and Fossils! We learned about the different types of rocks, how they are made and learned how fossils are formed. We investigated which rock was the hardest.  

We had lots of fun using the Probots in computing! We programmed the Probots using algorithms in order to get them to draw different shapes. 




This week we have launched our human body science topic. The children drew around their bodies and filled in what they know about the human body. Not only was it great fun, we also had some great discussions about where parts of our body should go. 

In Maths, we have been looking at part-part-whole models and linking it to what we know about place value. We have been representing three-digit numbers using different visual representations. We investigated what happens when you move place value counters onto different columns on the place value grid. We tried to find all the possible answers! We had to work systematically so that we knew we hadn’t missed any numbers.