Class 8




We have loved our topic focusing on the Human Body.

We have looked at the skeleton, as well as some of our organs. We got to get up close and see a Pig’s pluck, which is just like ours. It had lungs, the heart and the liver. 

We also looked at being healthy and the benefits that has on our body. We tasted and reviewed various soups, then decided on ingredients for a healthier recipe. We planned and wrote instructions of how to prepare each ingredient and make our soup, then we followed them to cook the soup!

Once we had made the soup, we looked at TV adverts advertising foods and took those techniques to come up with our own scripts. We then filmed and created our own adverts to try and convince our audience to buy the soup!


We have had a fantastic topic all around the Stone Age.

We learnt a lot in class and did plenty of enquiry based learning.

As well as this, we were lucky enough to go to Butser Farm and see, first hand, what it was like to live in the Stone Age.

We wrote some incredible Stone Age fact sheets and ended our topic with a totally immersive Stone Age Day where we dressed up and participated in Stone Age activities including cave painting and food sampling!




We had a fantastic sports day this week. We watched Year 5 do their races and events and they watched us. We had a lot of fun doing chicken races and beanbag balancing!


We have been enjoying a fantastic topic all to do with Ancient Egypt this term.

We were lucky enough to have an Egyptian Tomb in our classroom, which we were able to explore and uncover artefacts in. 

We have then looked at a variety of different artefacts and learnt about primary and secondary sources of information. 

From this, we have researched and planned our own artefact from Ancient Egypt, which we are now making and will be displaying in our Ancient Egyptian museum. Check Google Classroom in the last week for a virtual tour!


It has been so wonderful to have everybody back in school.

We have dived in to our thrilling topic this half term, looking at the human body.

We have learnt a lot of different things, but one of the most exciting was building our own human bodies and then labelling all the bones.



We had an incredible Stone Age Day.

We started off by painting with sticks as if we were in caves creating our own cave paintings.

Then we had an incredible workshop from Open Box, which taught us all about how Stone Age people communicated and lived through the Stone Age. We learnt about the change in homes and lifestyles from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic eras. 

We then had the opportunity to build shelter… But we were only allowed to communicate in grunts and with actions – It was a challenge!

We also got to sample some Stone Age food and learnt all about the discovery of fire. We got the chance to try and make our own fires and keep them burning.




We have had a very exciting start to the year and have jumped right into our Stone Age topic. We started the topic by generating questions and discussing what we would like to find out. We then used these questions to drive our research and learning to create our own non fiction information texts all about the Stone Age.

We got the chance to look at some stone age skulls and weapons and did some sketches.

In our dance learning we became a basketball team and had to tell the story of a championship final through dance. It was so much fun and we made some great street-dance inspired routines!