Class 8


We had a  great book week! We decorated our own T-shirts with our favourite book and studied a text called The Journey by Shaun Tan. On Thursday we worked with the London Theater company to bring our book to life. Well done everyone for your super T-shirt designs!

What a lot of learning we have done this half term! We worked hard and most importantly, we learned to work together and how to negotiate and talk to each other when things don’t always go our way. Mrs. Glynn is very proud of the way we are doing this. As a class treat for earning all our beads, we chose to have a den building afternoon. We showed our new skills of team building by creating these exciting dens. Once we had made them, we read books by torch light and ate a biscuit or two! Happy half term everyone 🙂 

We have been learning all about our Amazing Human Body. We looked at pig’s pluck to understand how important and delicate our organs are. We realised that our skeleton does an important job at keeping these organs safe. Then, we did a STEM challenge to see how the structure and shape of our bones helps to support our skeleton. We worked together as a team to create the tallest tower that would hold a ball away from the table, using only 10 pieces of paper and 1m of cellotape. What appeared to be an easy challenge was far more difficult than we first thought. Only 1 of the teams landed up with a stable structure. We noticed that the top the structure was flat and wide and the middle was strong- just like our bones! We are really enjoying learning about our bodies.

Happy New Year! Welcome back.

This week, we have launched our Human Body science topic.

The children drew around their bodies and filled in what they know about the human body. Not only was it great fun, we also had some good discussions about where parts of our body should go.

In maths, we have been learning about part- part- whole models and how they link to place value. We investigated what happens when we move our place value counters into different places on the place value grid, and tried to find ALL the possible 3 digit numbers. It took a LONG time but we learned that being systematic was really helpful.


Welcome to Class 8!

We have been learning about The Stone Age to The Iron Age.

We spent time in the woods dressed as Stone Age people, learning from an expert. We learned how to start fires, make bows and arrows and flint knap arrow heads. It was great fun and we learned a lot about the resourcefulness of the Stone Age people.

We also learned about the diet of The Stone Age people by investigating some “poo”.

We went to Butser Farm to see the homes they made over the years and how they changed their way of life from Nomads to Settlers.

We explored the different types of rock and stone they used and how they made their tools according to the type of rock and it’s properties.