Class 9

Welcome to Our Class 9 Page!


Over the summer holidays, Mr Nicholls found a Roman coin behind the swimming pool. He sent this to the Time Team who suggested that perhaps the children in Year 4 could excavate the area to see if anything else may be buried there. Of course, we couldn’t say no to Tony Robinson! So with metal detectors, shovels and trowels we set off to in the school grounds.  Here are some pictures of the Archaeologists at work:

 IMG 5474


 IMG 5478

IMG 5482

 Having been successful in finding a number or Roman coins we were interested to learn more about Roman life. One of the things we found out was the Romans were famous for baths! We decided we would use our learning of measurement to go outside and measure and draw some baths that would fit 4 of us in! Just like the baths the Romans would use. Here are some pictures:

IMG 0153

IMG 0154

IMG 0158