Class 9

Welcome to our Class 9 Page!

In Science, we have been learning about electricity and how to make a circuit. The children were given all the items to make a circuit and had to explore how to make their buzzers and lamps work.
We have also been learning about teeth and digestion. We conducted experiments to see the effect different liquids had on the teeth. It was very eye opening to see what we discovered! In our digestion experiment, we recreated the digestive system and looked at how food travels through our bodies.
In RE, we looked at worship and the similarities and differences within different religions.
In PE, we worked on our symmetry, balances and paired work on the gymnastics equipment, floor and wall bars. We worked extremely well as a team.
Finally, we went to the Salisbury museum to link with our Anglo- Saxons topic in history. We learned all about how the Saxons lived, their belongings, and how a burial would be conducted.
We have had a fantastic year so far!

Welcome to Year 4!

Over the summer holidays, Mr Nicholls found a Roman coin in the school grounds. He sent it to the Time Team who suggested that perhaps the children in Year 4 could excavate the area to see if anything else may be buried there. Of course, we couldn’t say no to Tony Robinson! So with some archaeological equipment we set off to in the school grounds. Having been successful in finding a number or Roman coins as well as other artefacts we were interested to learn more about Roman life. This led to our historical and geographical learning around the Romans.  

Year 4 Sports Day was a fun day with the children competing in the egg and spoon race, walking backwards with a bean-bag on their head race, the ‘laying an egg’ race and the tennis ball slalom race. This was followed by the hotly contested flat races and relay. The overall winners for Year 4 was the Beech team! Congratulations to them and also Sycamore, Ash and Oak for participating.



We incorporated our Romans theme into our Art (drawing) topic and created fantastic sketches of colosseums. We practised different techniques of shading and applied them to our final products that were used as part of our Year 4 Romans display in the school. We also learnt how to write our names in the Roman Alphabet:

In Autumn 1, Year 4 started our new topic that was all about Antarctica. We were introduced to Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to Antarctica. Our topic started when the children spotted some ‘wanted’ posters scattered around the school:

We looked at the posters in detail, unpicked all of the new vocabulary that we hadn’t heard of before and had a reciprocal reading session to help us understand the purpose of this poster. Then we took time to debate and decide whether or not we would like to go on to the journey and why. After we had decided, we wrote letters to Ernest Shackleton to inform him that we would or would not like to apply. 

Image preview

To further our exploration into Shackleton’s Journey, we dramatized a section of the text where Shackleton and his men came into trouble with pack ice. Here are some photos of us doing so. 

As we are approaching the end of our Antarctica journey, we are finishing with a fantastic newspaper report that highlights the events of Shackleton and his crew members’ escape to Elephant Island. 

In Maths we have looked at 3D shapes and the nets of 3D shapes. We carried out an investigation to predict and then find out what shapes certain nets would make.


We then carried out another investigation. Will a net that has 6 squares always make a cube? This is how we got on:

After our work with Shape, we then moved on to looking at coordinates. To practise using them, we had lots of fun playing ‘battleships’ with our partners! 


Science has been a lot of fun this half term as we have looked at Solids, Liquids and Gases. We carried out an investigation where we had to figure out the quickest way to get a chocolate button out of an ice cube. We realised that if we added some heat to the ice, we would be able to melt the ice into liquid form enough to get the chocolate button free. The tricky part was trying not to add too much heat that the chocolate button melted too! 

 We further investigated temperature and measurement by going outside and testing our predictions.

In computing this half term, we looked at how technology has changed over the years. We began the topic by looking at ‘old’ technology and discussed how they have advanced. We then took time to research key inventors and their inventions:


Class 9 have enjoyed working with clay in our Art topic. We began by studying the different techniques used when making clay sculptures and practised them by making clay mugs. Once we had had a practise, we designed a penguin to make (linking to our Antarctica topic). Here are us working on our penguins and a couple of our final products:

As we approach Christmas, the children were treated to a pantomime from Open Box. We had such a great time watching them perform.


Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Year.

This term we have kicked started our topic learning by visiting Salisbury Museum. The staff at the museum were very impressed with both the children’s behaviour and their knowledge. It was a great day had by all. 

We started our trip by entering the Wessex gallery. We discussed how we would lay out a museum if we were designing it. We decided we would put things in chronological order so our visitors could pass through the different ages in history. Funnily enough, Salisbury seemed to have the same idea! We looked at various artefacts in the museum which included things from the Stone-Age through to the Normans. We enjoyed being able to open draws and cupboards to find even more interesting items. Here are some pictures of us exploring: 

After lunch, we went into a class room and were able to look at Saxon artefacts. We all became archaeologists, filling in a ‘Finds Record’ sheet about items we were looking at which included weapons, jewellery and ceramics. Things we had to note down included:
What it was made of?
If it had any decoration on it.
How big was it?
What it was used for?
What kind of person would have used it?
If it was the complete artefact or if it was broken?
What it felt like?

After this, we learnt that Saxon’s loved to make extravagant accessories like brooches. We were impressed with the intricate details the Saxon’s carved into them and had a go at making our own. We used a sheet of gold paper to imprint our designs onto and then stuck a safety pin on the back so we could wear them like real Saxon’s. They turned out brilliantly!

Then finally, we did some role play. This showcased a Saxon dying and the process that happened afterwards.  Important items were placed with the deceased to be buried with him/her. Here are some pictures of this: 


We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the museum and cannot wait to learn more about the Anglo-Saxons this term!


Continuing our Anglo-Saxon learning, we learnt how the Anglo-Saxon’s took control of most of Britain, although they never conquered Scotland, Wales or Cornwall. They settled in England in places near rivers or the sea, as these areas could be easily reached by boat. We considered what else would be important have around their settlements. Then we designed our own settlements based on these ideas. Here are some examples of our art work:





To conclude our Anglo-Saxon learning, the children spent time over the half term working on their homework projects. As usual, I was blown away by their creativity and would like to thank both the children and their parents for their efforts.

Here are some pictures of a variety of their projects: