School Council

School Council in Action


A school council is a group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils, make some decisions about whole school issues and help improve the school.

In the autumn term our new school council were elected by the school to represent pupil voice this year. Our early meetings have reviewed last years work which was to create symbols to represent our core values of Love, Hope and Faith with the final designs being created and displayed in classroom.

The School Council then focused on fundraising events to support this year’s ‘Spotacular’ Children in Need.  The council decided to create and run a variety of events: Spot the Teacher; design and create a Spotacular puzzle book with some tricky Spot the Differences; and run a spotty obstacles event for fun during lunch times.  Year 2 added to this with some lovely Cakes which were all enjoyed on our Spotty Mufti day.   Great fun was had by everyone and we raised £772.66.

A big Thank you to everyone who supported the events.


Fantastic Fundraising

Children in Need 2017



We had lots of fun dressing up to support Children in Need and completed some fun activities like spotty obstacles, spot the difference and spot the teacher.

Overall we raised £ 772.66.

Thank you to everyone who helped us.

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Fairtrade Breakfast 2016

 fair trade 2017 cropped

The School Council held the Fairtrade breakfast in the Spring Term to help raise the profile of buying Fairtrade products. The theme for this year’s Fairtrade fortnight was “Don’t Feed Exploitation”

Thank you to all who came and supported our event. We raised a brilliant total of £100 which will be given to Fairtrade to help Farmers.



 Ugandan Themed Day-‘ Same But Different’

On Friday 12th May 2016 , Overton CE held a “Same but Different” Ugandan themed day.

 The aim of the day was to build upon and support our link with our friends in Mityana.  During the day, the children took part in a range of learning activities that looked at the similarities and differences we share in our everyday life. Helping us to develop a greater understanding of other areas of the world and challenge stereotypical perceptions.


 same but different display cropped


The day also provided an opportunity to fundraise by allowing non-uniform in the colours of the Ugandan flag.  The money raised will further help the aim of Mityana to become self-sufficient.

Working together our community raised an amazing £360.