St Mary’s Church


Overton CE Primary was founded in 1847 as a Church of England Foundation and it was granted controlled status under the 1944 Education Act.  Our local church, St. Mary’s retains a strong partnership with the school through the appointment of Foundation governors and its involvement in school daily life.



Our Anglican foundation is an integral part of who and how we are at Overton. We embrace the distinctive attributes of the Christian ethos within our school as defined by the concise statement of Christian faith, within the liturgy of the Church of England: Christ has died; Christ is risen; Christ will come again. A number of important values, which flow from these statements, govern the Christian ethos of our school.

Christ has died (love and sacrifice):

There is forgiveness and an opportunity to start again. Consequently mistakes can be acknowledged without fear.  
Every person is of equal value and importance. Consequently, the school is a welcoming and inclusive community.
Love and compassion and the welfare of others are foundational to all we do. 
Bullying has no place.

Christ is risen (hope):

Nothing is impossible for God. There is hope for every child and every situation. Children are challenged and encouraged to achieve – whatever the obstacles.   
There is encouragement to try, persevere and to be resilient. 
We are not on our own, encouraging interdependence.

Christ will come again (faith):

There is a point and purpose to life and an end in sight. Consequently, the whole school (children, parents, staff, governors and community) can make a constructive contribution to that positive purpose. 
Good and love will ultimately triumph, encouraging positive choices and an exploration of life.  
Children’s aspirations and contributions to the common good can be nurtured.

We are accountable for our own actions – improving pupil’s awareness of their own behaviour and attitudes and how this affects progress.

Love, hope and faith; these are the essence of the Christian faith and the Christian ethos of a school is found within these three statements. 

Click on the link  to see the leaflet “What is a Church of England School?” published by the Diocese of Winchester and the Diocese or Portsmouth.


SIAMS: July 2016

Please click on the link below to see our SIAMS report from July 2016.  The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Overton CE Primary was graded as Good.

SIAMS Report July 2016


 Overton and St Mary’s 

  • Members of the church lead the school’s collective worship every Wednesday. 
  • The school also recognises the church as a key part of the community and we hold an annual Easter production, Christmas carol service and Harvest festival in the Church. 
  • The church also provides a rich resource for learning and classes will often visit and listen to speakers at the church about  aspects of Christianity and  local history as well as using the building itself for invaluable learning on architecture and art work.



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