Key Information

Our Vision

It is our aim that children are encouraged and challenged to develop to their true potential in a vibrant and exciting learning environment. Our vision is to develop an enthusiasm for learning and a desire for excellence to enable the whole school community to achieve their best. This vision is underpinned by six values which are:

  • Challenge
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Interdependence
  • Reflection
  • Respect

These values are shared by the staff, governors and children and affect all that we do and how we do it! All adults who work in our school mirror our expectations and ethos. The self-esteem of the children is raised through the high quality displays of their work and this helps them to realise their true potential.

At Overton CE Primary School, we continually strive to improve the provision for our children and to develop authentic relationships. It is our aim that children learn from each other and expectations for behaviour and learning are shared with them.

The school aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the significance of faith, and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its children.

Do you want a place for your child?

To find out about how to join, click here.

What will my child be learning?

At the start of each year, we send out a booklet which outlines what each year group will be learning. These are shared at a “Meet and Greet session” for you with the new class teachers in September. 

Each half term, the teachers in Years R, 1 and 2 send out an overview with more details for each curriculum area and what you can do to support your child’s learning. For children in Key Stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5 and 6), these are sent out each term.

The year group overviews are called parent Newsletters and are also available on the website

Who is Boris?

We are acutely aware that the emotional health of our children is paramount. As part of their character development, we want our children to be emotionally intelligent, resilient and actively empathetic. We use HeartSmart to help them understand and live out what we believe are excellent principles and practices for growing healthy hearts and minds. Unsurprisingly, the High Five statements closely match our Christian values, and demonstrate a memorable, practical outworking of them. Boris the robot helps our pupils to learn this in a fun and engaging way, too!

Attendance and Punctuality

This is extremely important, and if levels drop, then we always take action. If your child is absent, please contact the school immediately by email or leave a message on the answerphone ideally before 8.30am.

If a child arrives more than 10 minutes after the allocated start time, they are recorded as an unauthorised absence. Please bring them to the office to be registered. We all understand that on rare occasions, a child may be late but unfortunately these are monitored as they too have an impact on a child’s learning and progress. These also count towards overall attendance and if attendance is of concern, then a fine may be issued. A table explaining timings for each year group can be found in the Entrance & Exits grid.

Holidays in term time will always be unauthorised, possibly fined.


If you have to take time out of school, there is a form to complete to request absence. If it is unauthorised, this may result in a Hampshire fine of £60 per child per adult (e.g. 2 adults, 2 children = £240). On very rare occasions such as a family bereavement or following a significant illness, it may be authorised. 


We communicate with parents via text, email, the website, and by sending letters home. It’s really important that we have your correct contact details, particularly if there is an emergency. Let us know if you change anything! We prefer any contact to be by email to and for the school phone number to used for emergencies 01256 770249.


Please do respect the law and the local residents by only parking in designated and lawful areas. We appreciate that drop off and collection times are stressful but please be mindful of other road users. The children get very upset when they hear adults using inappropriate language and being rude towards other people. 

Children are allowed to cycle to school, if they wear a helmet! There is a storage rack by the bottom gate.

Permission is granted to park in the school car park in specific circumstances, but it is very unusual. We don’t have the space! We do have a designated space for blue badge holders which is in our turning circle. Please let the office know if you need to use this regularly. 

Can you help?

We are always looking for parents and friends of the school who can offer time to help the school in anyway. No offer is too small! Please do ask at the office, or see your child’s teacher. DBS checks are free.

School Meals

We use Hampshire’s own catering service called HC3S to provide school meals. Meals for children in Year R, 1 and 2 are free. This is provided by the government as part of ‘Universal Infant Free School School Meals (UIFSM)’.  If you would like to see the menus please go to

When children go into Year 3, meals are chargeable at the cost of £2.50/day. This can be paid online.

All children can bring a packed-lunch if they wish to.

Nut-free School

We are a completely nut-free school because we have children with severe nut allergies. Please don’t send any nut-based products/lunch items in. This includes chocolate spread or pancakces, which often contains some sort of nut ingredient. Thank you

Lost Property

Please check on a regular basis for any lost property. It will be given away if not found. Please also name any items brought in!

Breakfast Club

7.30am-8:30am, at a cost of £5.00 per day with breakfast. Please book and pay in advance.  More here.

School Uniform

The uniform we have adopted is smart, inexpensive and hard wearing. Our school uniform is sold at the Basingstoke branch of Skoolkit and Stich Design based in Overton. 

Uniform without a logo is also completely acceptable. However, if you chose to purchase items with the school logo such as the sweatshirt, cardigan, PE bag and back packs, these can be purchased at the uniform suppliers . 

What are our three Christian Values?

Our three values are Love, Hope and Faith

Love is a very important value to us as a school. Love underpins everything that we do. It is very much ‘the why’ of who we are. Love is evident in our relationships with each other and in our actions to support our community and our world. We see it in our interactions at school and home, feel it when we are together, and experience it through how others act towards us. We can grow and learn together because we know that God loves us.

What makes love a distinctively Christian value? Because Christians recognise that God is love, and love comes from God (1John 4:7). Whilst love is important in almost every culture and religion, the Bible tells us that God loved us first. We are therefore able to love in the true sense of the word because God loves us. As we receive and experience God’s love, which is unconditional and for everyone, we can then love others. Christians believe that it is by understanding God’s love for us that we truly love others. It is with this in mind that we choses love as a value.

We see love shown in the Christian narrative in many ways. Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection were all because God loved us and wanted us to be made right with Him again. This was the ultimate expression of love. Almost every Christian story has at the heart of it the love of God. For example, the Passover, Abraham and Isaac, The Good Samaritan, Calming of the storm and so on.

At Overton we develop our value of love through: our worship times together; sharing stories of how God and Jesus show love to us; modelling positive interactions and encouragement; supporting those in need, both at school, in our community and in our world; and many other ways.

At Overton,  we have high hopes and aspirations for our future, our school and community. We also understand that faith gives us hope for both now and for the future, and that this hope brings confidence. Hope for us means that there is always a future whatever situation we are in, because God promised to never leave us, to always love us, and to help us in times of need.

What makes hope a distinctively Christian value? Christian hope is rooted in God’s love for us. Christians believe that: God has our best interests at heart; God will never leave us; God will provide for us when we are in need; God knows us (even the number of hairs on our head!); and God promises us of a better life to come. When we are in our darkest time, God is there, and will help us. Hope is grounded in the character of God; the Bible is full of stories of how God changes situations.

We see hope shown in the Christian narrative in many ways. The resurrection gives us hope for eternal life. The gospel stories tell of hope, for example the woman who touched Jesus’ robe (“If I just touch his clothes I will be healed.”). The rainbow after the flood is a sign that God will never break his covenant of love with us. God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, when slavery seemed their destiny. The lost coin and the lost sheep tell us of the lengths God will go to bring us back.

At Overton,  we develop our value of hope through: supporting Kibubula Primary School; never giving  up on our children; wanting the best for them academically and in their character; helping them see light despite the darkness; investing in our pastoral team; and learning about prayer.

At Overton, we believe that faith is a firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. (Hebrews 11) It is rooted as our faith in God but it is also a firm faith, trust and confidence in ourselves, others and in the children we teach. We want our children to grow the faith that they have in themselves and develop their own core beliefs, underpinned by Christian values and teaching, to equip them as they leave our school and take their place in the world.

What makes faith a distinctively Christian value? The Bible says that God’s character never changes, and so we can have faith and trust that he will do what he says. Therefore, having faith in God helps us not to be “blown and tossed by the wind” (James 1:6). Prayer to God is a demonstration of faith. God has faith in us as he tasks us to love one another and carry out his mission on earth.

We see faith shown in the Christian narrative in many ways. Notably, in Hebrews 11, the Bible mentions several ‘heroes’ who followed God’s instructions because of their faith in Him, yet never received what had been promised. Almost all Bible stories demonstrate faith in action as they show normal people trusting in God because of their faith. Job, Lazarus, Noah, Joseph, Zacchaeus, Mary & Joseph, and even Judas are particular stories that help us understand what faith looks like.

At Overton,  we develop our value of faith through: having faith in one another as we delegate and also develop our school together; prayers in Worship and in class; listening to Bible Stories that encourage us; and sharing the Christian faith with others (Christmas and Easter productions).

What does Overton look like?

See photos of our school here!

Assemblies (Worships)

We have daily class or school worship, which usually follow a value for the week or term. The Head Teacher usually launches the value each Monday which is followed up on the Tuesday at class worship time. This enables the children to discuss the value more deeply and at their level. We sometimes have visitors speak to us, too. St Mary’s Church lead worship weekly and we also have a singing worship. Find out more here.

Physical Education

This is an important part of school life. Pupils usually have 2 hours of PE per week, plus some additional sessions throughout the year. Your child’s year group will inform you on which days they will have PE and your child can come dressed in their PE kit on the two designated days. Children should wear kit appropriate for the weather. In the colder months, they will need navy or black joggers or track suits and blue shorts and t shirts. Current PE days can be found here.

Start / Finish Times

All year groups have a designated time for the start and end of the day. The stagger allows the children to come into school calmly at the bottom gate and also reduces the congestion in and outside the school. The gate is opened 5 minutes before this time to ensure all children arrive promptly for the start of each day (see here). We encourage all Key Stage 2 children (in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) to walk in independently and younger children may do this when they, and you, feel they are ready! Families, with more than one child, are allowed to arrive at the same time. We ask that you arrive at the earliest time and are collected at the latest time to ensure that this does not impact on the learning. 

School times can be found on the Entrance & Exits grid.

Medical Needs and First Aid

Please do let us know if your child has any medical issues, or if it changes during the year. We have many children with medical care plans for asthma, allergies and other conditions. We are only able to give your child a prescribed medicine from your GP if you complete a form.

If your child has an accident at school, a form will be sent home. If your child has a head bump, then we will also send you a text to alert you. If we are in any way concerned about your child following an accident or they become unwell, we will contact you. Please ensure that we have up to date emergency contact details. 

If your child has an auto-injector, they must have an in-date one in school, and an extra one for school trips (or they will not be allowed to attend).

Home School Link Book

These are available for parents to pass on important messages to staff. The Link Book is given out at the beginning of each academic year and contains the term dates, the Home School Agreement and is the reading record too.

Although we appreciate that some parents may prefer to pass brief messages on in person at the beginning or end of the day, this impacts on the ability of the staff to welcome each child and to start the day promptly and smoothly for everyone. The teachers ask each morning if there any message for them but it may help the younger children if you give them the Link Book to hand in at the beginning of the day. 

Pupil Premium

If you have received certain benefits, then please check with the office to see if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. This gives the school £1300.

Parent Teacher Association

We have a brilliant PTA called OSA, which stands for Overton School Association. They help to put on fantastic school events throughout the year, raising valuable funds and contributing to the life of the school. Please do join them – it benefits your child and our community!

Daily Meals to your Facebook Page

To receive daily photos of the school dinner options to your Facebook news feed, ‘Like’ the HC3S Education Catering Facebook page.

Snacks & Milk

For children in Years R, 1 and 2, a free piece of fruit is provided each day.

Milk is provided free for children up until the term they turn 5. After this, children can purchase daily milk at a small price (provided by Cool Milk). To register visit CoolMilk.

A snack can also be purchased from our school kitchen at morning break time. Items on offer are here.

Online Payments

You can pay for meals and trips online using the School Money payment system. You can pay in advance, or top up when necessary. Visit SchoolMoney to login and if you have any problems contact the school office for help.

After School Wrap-Around Care

We run our very own wrap around care at Overton with our own school staff.  Children love it! It’s £12.50 for 3:15-3.30pm – 6pm, or if you want a shorter session until 4.30pm, the cost is £6.50. Please book and pay online. A great range of activities and afternoon snack are provided. See here for more information. 

Back Packs

Back Packs must be small. If you would like one with the school logo, these are available from Skoolkit and Stitch Design. – we really do have very limited space in cloakrooms.

Learning Behaviours

We want our children to be excellent learners for life, and so we have six learning behaviours which are underpinned by and linked to our Christian values. They help to develop the skills needed for life-long learning, as well as the understanding of what that means.

Whilst knowledge is interesting and helps us make sense of our world, we know that learning is more than gathering knowledge. We need to learn how best to learn, and our learning behaviours help with this.

Our children, staff and governors selected and developed our learning behaviours together. They are really important to us!

Which adults are at Overton?

Find out here.

Religious Education (RE)

RE is taught using Hampshire’s Living Difference programme of work.  Living Difference III is the Agreed Syllabus for religious education (RE) in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight. It builds on an approach to religious education, enriched by philosophical and theological enquiry, as well as current research, used in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton since 2004. Click here to find out more information about the programme.

Children are taught to respect and understand different  faiths and to express and explore their own understanding and beliefs. 

Click here to read our policy on RE  which also includes information and the process on the right to withdrawal from RE.

 Find out more here.


Homework is sent out each week. As children get older, the demand increases. We ask that children read at least 4 times a week, and learn spellings and times tables as directed by the teacher. Our homework policy is available here.

Child unwell? Dentist or Doctor Appointments?

If your child is unwell, you’ll need to phone the office to let them know. You can also send an email. This needs to be done by 8.30am please.

If your child has an appointment with the dentist, doctor or hospital, please let the office know. We encourage you to arrange these outside of the school day, during the holidays or on a Friday afternoon wherever possible. Thank you. 


We put our policies online so that you can see what we follow as a school. Find them here.


Our office team are always friendly and helpful. Where possible, please do email or telephone if you have a question to ease congestion at  the busy periods at the beginning and end of the school day. 


Our website is the best point to keep updated on any info about the school. There is an online calendar, too. For our Facebook  page run by the PTA, you can use the links on our site. Register your email address to get live updates.

What do parents think?

We are very fortunate to have a well established and effective Parent Council. This is a forum for parents and carers to improve communication between parents and school, to raise issues and to give feedback about subjects raised by other parents and also by the school. A diverse range of topics are discussed and consulted on each year and it meets each half term with the Head Teacher, School Business Manager and a governor. The membership can be found here

The Governing Body also gather information from parents, usually every two years though a questionnaire but will consult on specific issues as they arise (for example, a recent survey was for Year 6 parents to find out their views on a residential trip for this academic year 2021-2022).   

Free School Meals

FSM is different to UIFSM. Your child may be entitled to FSM if you’ve received certain benefits. It’s worth checking- simply ask the office or you can check here.

Water Bottles

Water is available in each class, and children are allowed to bring small, discrete water bottles to keep hydrated throughout the day. We sell our own quality water bottles from the office, and also spare lids. 


Each year group will go on at least one trip per year, though often more. Again, these usually are at cost, and the contribution suggested is vital to allow the trips to happen.

Year 4 and Year 6 children take part in a residential trip which lasts four nights. We work with a local charity who offer up to 50% towards the cost of residential trips so that all children can take part. If you would like to be considered for financial support, please contact the office as soon as possible. 

School-run Clubs

We run a range of after school clubs for children in Years 1-6. Sign-up usually happens at the beginning or end of a term. Most clubs are free, although some do require a small fee. More here!

No Pencil Cases!

There is no need to bring a pencil case to school (they are not allowed!). This is because the school provides everything that is needed.