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Year 6

Spring Term 

During Art this term, we studied an artist called, David Hockney who is famous for his landscape paintings. We analysed his landscape pieces and noticed how he used tones, contrasting colours and perspective to create such wonderful paintings that really stand out. We began our own art journey by practising with tones and colour matching:

Then, we went on to sketching out a landscape in the style of Hockney, focusing on sections and how they are used to create perspective. We noticed that the further back the sections were, the flatter and smaller they would be too. Once we had practised with our perspective, it was time to paint our landscapes. We did this by incorporating different tones and shades and then layering on texture towards the end. 



Autumn Term

We have had a very busy term in Year 6! We started the year with our Ancient Greek topic and even had a Greek day. Open Box Theatre Company came in to run a workshop where we learned lots about the Ancient Greek Olympics. We made Greek Pottery in Art and we even made some traditional Greek Food:

During Autumn, we also went on our first Residential Trip to Tile Barn Outdoor Activity Centre. We shared many great experiences from climbing to the top of a vertical gym to coming together as a year group to enjoy a quiz night. Here are just a few pictures from our time there.


Our Year 6 children prepared and presented a tour for prospective parents, showing them around our wonderful school. They did an incredible job!


Autumn Term